Pioneer Member

Pioneer Member

"Pioneer" Membership is only available until the date is announced for the physical Makerspace facility opening.  (Signed lease for space). Members is this group will automatically be converted to "Founding" Members.

   What is a "Pioneer" Member"?

  • Shows a commitment to establishing a McKinney Makerspace physical facility by being a part of the pioneering team!
  • Examples of what the "Pioneer" membership dues help cover:
    • Non Profit Organization legal/administrative startup fees
    • Member management & billing service costs
    • Essential initial needs for a physical space. (power, security, internet, deposits)
    • Promotional efforts
  • Input on all decisions.
    • Establishing committees and board members
    • (Longer tenure as a Pioneer member has higher weight "Note 2")
    • As board members and committee members are established.  Those procedures would take precedent.
  • Only available prior to the physical Makerspace facility opening date being publicly announced.
  • A significantly discounted rate is automatically inherited when converted to a "Founding" Member.
  • All membership benefits remain as long as subscription is maintained.

This is an automatically recurring membership unless you cancel.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $15.75